The Bully (E-book)

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The Secret on how to overcome the bully-victim mentality in relationships

Learn how to change scarcity mentality in your relationship. We have unresolved issues from our childhood and many of us have been bullied by people who raised us. We are victims of false beliefs and therefore we become the victim in our relationships. Being in a relationship with a bully can be distressing but the hardest part is recognizing that you are. Unresolved issues from our childhood bullies create blockages that stop us from experiencing true love, that’s why we keep failing in our relationships. Our African culture taught us to “tough it out”, meaning to suppress our emotions. Many suffer in silence and end up being victims in their relationships. Reading this book, you will be able to identify your childhood challenges and beliefs and make an effort to understand them, correct them and forgive the past and embrace the future. This book convinces those in our culture who fear that seeking psychological help means you are weak and mentally unstable. By reading these stories you will be encouraged to seek professional help that will assist you to LET GO and permanently free you from self destructive thoughts and behavior.

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