The Seed

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Remember what you sow in your life is what you reap. But sometimes one wonders “Why have I sowed good SEEDS, yet the harvest is not what I desire? What went wrong?

The answer is we learned what we lived. What we learned from the people who raised us up, still influence our harvest today. As children we cannot help, but believe what our parents showed us. We copied their beliefs, be it love or wealth beliefs.
Our school systems never taught us about our mind. What we know is that we think with our mind but nothing more than that. Mental issues are Complex, therefore many times, when someone suffers from mental health problems they are regarded as ” mad” and are usually treated as such.
This book teaches you how powerful your thoughts are, as well as self-talk behaviors and beliefs. The Seed will help you to instill a strong belief within you that enables you to accomplish your goals.
Anyone interested in learning how to communicate well with your mind. A great book for students and working adults, this is a must to read, for anyone who wants to achieve his full potential in life, be it in Career or Love life.
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