1. I have a Master’s degree in Educational leadership and management
2. A Bachelor degree in Health education
3. A Diploma in Nursing and midwifery
4. Certificates in: –

Counselling and coaching
Occupational Health

I am a Rapid Transformational Practitioner as well as a Relationship Coach. My journey started years back while I was a newlywed. About 27 years ago, I consulted a marriage counsellor for my marriage issues because I was haunted daily by my relationship. The experience was extremely disappointing because it took me more than three years of continuously attending monthly sessions with no tangible evidence of improvement. I kept changing therapists, from Christian counsellors to traditional to western type therapy, you name it, but the anxiety kept returning. I witnessed the negative impact that the relationship stress had on me but also on the people around me. It was then that I decided to change my life good.

In desperation, I started searching for an effective method to deal with my relationship anxiety. I researched the issues of marriage and relationship, this is when I decided to study and become a counsellor to help me deal with not only my issues, but also of those that needed help as well. My search for help landed me onto a RTT therapist that was trained in hypnotherapy. I was of course sceptical about RTT and hypnotherapy because all of this was new and unfamiliar to me, and the fact that this was online therapy made matters worse. The sessions were done on a specific video call platform and I was unfamiliar with technology so I struggled specifically with this, which of course added to my scepticism. She looked young and inexperienced, but the main problem really laid in the several previous unsuccessful attempts. With all this said, I was desperate to find answers, so I reluctantly decided to give it a try. She proved me wrong from the start. As the session went on, I felt more and more at ease. She handled every issue with love and passion; she was such a powerful therapist. She was able to locate where exactly in my childhood, my beliefs
of being unlovable stemmed from.

Thereafter, I decided to enrol onto Marisa Peer’s RTT training program, a brand new therapy method. Over 20 years of relationship coaching and my marriage has done a complete 180. We grow closer every day.

My aim is to help you regain your life in a happier, healthier and more positive way. To give you the right tools to empower you and to turn your life around. To enable you to enjoy the peace
you deserve every single day. To help you find a way to decrease not only your relationship stress but other issues such as :

Addiction ( alcohol, drugs, gambling etc.)                         Anxiety and other Panic disorders

Depression.                                                                      Stress

Confidence.                                                                     Motivation

Weight problems                                                           Achieving goals

Procrastination and concentration.                          Exercise

Career issues                                                                   Sexual problems

Fertility issues and pregnancy.                                   Childhood traumas

Exams                                                                               Relaxation   


————–Hilja Uiras—————-